How to use a 3D printer to print a replacement engine oil for your Tesla car

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In this video, we’ll explain how to print 3D-printed engine oil to replace your old engine oil.

Editor’s note: We’re not going to show the actual parts of the 3D printed engine oil as that’s not covered by warranty, but the article contains a lot of information on how to use 3D printing to make a replacement.


Make sure your printer is a 3-axis printer (like a Replicator 2 or Makerbot Replicator 3) If you don’t own one of those, you can still print out a few parts, including the main nozzle and a valve to allow the engine oil and other parts to pass through.

You’ll need to print the nozzle on a 3M PLA filament, which is the most common filament used for 3D printers.

To make sure the nozzle is compatible with your printer, check out the 3-D Printer Safety Guide .


Add your engine oil at a specific location to your printer.

Add the engine-oil nozzle to your 3D model, and then make a mark on the surface of your print bed.


Start the printer.


Add a few layers of your engine-Oil print bed to the print bed of your printer (see above for example).

You can also use your existing engine oil in the nozzle.


Print out the nozzle to remove any parts that aren’t used in the print.


You can then take a close-up photo of your model.


If your printer prints with the nozzle, print a second layer of your oil.

This second layer will hold the parts that are not used in your print.

This will allow you to take a closer look at your model and take the parts out.


Your print will look like this: Engine Oil print bed: Oil: nozzle: 3M 2-step filament: (0,0,255,255) (0.75,0.25,0) (5,0,-0,5) (25,5,100,25) (150,25,150,150) (220,50,220,220) (300,250,300,300) (500,250) (625,500) (10,500,10,250)* * The 0,0 range indicates the range of print settings available.


When the 3d print has finished, you’ll have a printed oil.

The 3D print is over, but there’s still plenty of oil left over for later use.

* The 250,250 range indicates how much oil you need to add to make the print last as long as the oil you printed is the right size for your printer and the printer’s nozzle.

The higher the range, the longer the print will take.

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