How to tune the Mazda6 to your taste

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By Roger Smith | 02 October 2017 12:10:49After years of growing up with the Mazda3 and Mazda6, I’m now starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel with the brand new 2018 Mazda6.

It’s an incredibly potent and fun car, but I’m not convinced that the brand’s growing up process is delivering on what the consumer was hoping for.

The 2018 Mazda3 was, for me, the perfect car for a new owner.

Its simple and enjoyable design and powerplant made me feel like I was driving an M3, but it was also incredibly powerful, quick and fun.

It wasn’t until I got a Mazda6 that I realised that the 2018 Mazda was just a bit too fast for my liking.

For years, Mazda has claimed that its engineers have been developing a new version of the new MX-5 Miata, and this new car is an evolution of the MX-6.

In some ways, it is.

The MX-4, for example, was always a bit of a step above the MX5, but Mazda has tweaked it and made it even more powerful.

The Miata-inspired Miata 6 looks like a Mazda 6, and it feels like it.

It is a bit heavier, and the suspension is more responsive, but the MX6 has the same great feeling that you get from the MX3.

In terms of the driving dynamics, it’s close.

The driving feels smoother and less obtrusive, thanks to the softer suspension, wider tyres and more powerful engines.

The best part about the 2018 Miata is that you don’t have to make any major modifications to the Mazda.

Its engine and transmission are both identical to the MX4.

So, what do you get for the extra cash?

The 2018 Miats look and feel like a new car, and they are very comfortable.

The ride is also very comfortable, thanks in part to the new steering wheel and the new seat.

It feels a bit different than the MX7, which is what I expected given the MX2’s design.

The interior is also a bit lighter, but its still a bit more rigid than the Mazda5.

That said, the Miata feels more comfortable than the other two, and I can definitely see myself driving it a few more times to see if I like it a bit better.

But, that’s not to say that the Mazda is not a very capable car.

Its powerful engine and power-to-weight ratio, coupled with the ability to push its power to all four wheels in the same time, make the Mi6 one of the most fun cars to drive.

It may not be a great car to drive everyday, but for those who like to be fast and quick, this is the perfect way to go.

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