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Oil rigs are now on Canadian fuel and vehicle schedules, a new policy that could see thousands of cars being fitted with an engine oil filter.

A ban on vehicle engines being used to extract oil and gas from the ground will go into effect for the first time on Feb. 10.

The move comes as the province has struggled to contain the oil and natural gas boom in Canada, and has been criticized for making fuel and fuel-injection systems more expensive for families.

The province is also introducing a “new” fuel system for electric vehicles and vehicles equipped with hybrid and electric-powered engines.

But for the foreseeable future, a fuel filter will remain mandatory for most vehicles on Canadian roadways.

The new policy, which was announced by Transport Minister Lisa Raitt in April, will make the oil-filtering process mandatory for all vehicles with an oil-filter system.

Vehicles with an electric motor will still be able to have an oil filter on board, but only if the motor is in use.

The oil-in-jection systems that were mandatory for gasoline cars until March are now optional.

Oil-injectors that are still mandatory are on the market, including the Mercedes Benz E-Class sedan and the Nissan Leaf electric car.

Oil filter manufacturers and companies like Otto and Citgo have been lobbying the government to phase out the mandatory oil- filter requirement for the oil industry, which has grown exponentially in recent years.

But the province said it would not make the change until the end of the year.

That would leave the industry in the dark for two more years.

Oil industry groups have also called for a more stringent oil-water filter requirement, arguing that this has become a safety issue.

But Ontario’s Minister of Transport said the new policy is an important step in the right direction.

“We know that the oil rig industry is one of the most important sources of jobs in the province,” said Raitt.

“The oil industry is also a major contributor to Ontario’s economy.

This is a great opportunity to make sure we are delivering on that.”

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