What’s the difference between agricultural and industrial engine oil?

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The EPA’s new fuel efficiency standard for diesel engines calls for a minimum of 9.6 miles per gallon.

That’s the equivalent of a 2.7 liter Volkswagen Golf diesel that delivers a total fuel efficiency of 21.3 miles per mile.

The EPA also wants engines that produce up to 14.5 mpg on average, a requirement for most cars.

However, it doesn’t say what’s in that category.

 To understand the difference, let’s compare the fuel efficiency requirements of different brands of diesel engines.

The EPA’s definition of a good fuel economy is:The average EPA fuel economy rating of a vehicle is an estimate of the average miles per dollar that the vehicle would take to reach that rating in the absence of fuel savings.

The average fuel economy ratings in the United States are determined by analyzing EPA fuel-economy data for all vehicles on the market.

For instance, the average fuel efficiency for a 2015 Chevy Volt is 19 mpg.

That rating includes all the fuel savings that the Volt can make, including the ability to run on the fuel that is left over after the gasoline is burned.

However, that mileage number is only the average, not the maximum, and the Volt doesn’t have any fuel-saving features.

To calculate the average EPA rating, we look at all vehicles that are available in the U.S. The most common reason for an engine’s fuel efficiency rating to be lower is due to a number of factors, including a combination of fuel-efficiency and emissions technologies.

In general, the more efficient an engine is, the lower its rating will be.

The reason the EPA has determined that a car that has a fuel economy of 10 mpg or less is good fuel is that the car can burn more fuel.

More often, though, a higher-mileage car will have an EPA rating of 20 mpg, while a lower-mileaging car with a fuel efficiency below 10 mpa will have a rating of 18 mpg as the EPA rating is based on the average of the two vehicles.

The EPA is using fuel economy data for each vehicle that’s available in America.

The data was collected by analyzing fuel-efficient cars produced by automakers.

Some of the cars that are considered to be “better” than average fuel economies are the ones that feature a variety of technology that makes them more fuel efficient.

A lot of the fuel-cell vehicles that fuel-feed electric vehicles, like the Tesla Roadster and the Chevy Volt, are better than average.

If you’re interested in buying an electric car or looking for an electric vehicle, it’s recommended that you visit the EPA website to learn more about fuel-cycle technologies.

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