Why Harley-Davidson may be making some of its engine oil more expensive, according to a new study

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By Ars Technic staffPublisher April 15, 2018, 12:06:00The latest research has revealed a few interesting details about the origins of Harley-Davidsons engine oil.

While it may sound like a boring detail, Harley-Davees engine oil is made up of many different components, ranging from a few hundred pieces to tens of thousands of pieces.

The majority of the engine oil produced by Harley-davidson is manufactured by the company’s subsidiary, Harley Performance, which has been producing the oil for years.

Harley Performance produces a blend of refined petroleum oils, but it also uses natural gas, biodiesel, and a few other types of petroleum.

Harley-Masterjohns engines, meanwhile, are made by a separate, smaller, company, Harley Parts, that is only allowed to use some of the Harley Performance oils.

The study by the automotive-industry consulting firm Autonomy also found that some parts of Harley’s engine oil are produced from an organic material that is a “supercompost,” meaning it is composed of several different materials.

The process is similar to the way natural gas is produced in the United States.

The oil used in Harley’s engines is a mixture of natural gas (natural gas-derived) and a mixture that contains chemicals that are either hydrogen or carbon dioxide, according the report.

“Some of the most common organic sources of hydrocarbons found in oil production are hydrogen peroxide, sulfur compounds, and organic chemicals,” the report said.

“Most of the other oils used in production are organic, but some are not.

Some of these oils are not organic at all, and they may have been produced using a mix of chemicals.”

When asked about the origin of the oil, Harley told Ars Technia it was made by combining the hydrocarbon hydrocarbylene (HFO) and hydrogen peroxy.

The study by Autonomy said that the hydrogen peroxides can be found in the “organic” parts of the HFO and in the petroleum-based parts of HFOs.

The Harley-Motorcycle, Inc. refinery in Ohio is the only refinery in the world that produces HFO, the study said.

The refinery’s main source of oil is natural gas from a nearby natural gas field.

The Autonomy report also said that “hundreds of other petroleum-derived oils” were produced in Harley-Parts factories, and the process is done in the company plants.

Harley Parts’ factories are in Pennsylvania, but most of its plants are located in California.

Harley parts is not known to be using a large amount of petroleum-free materials.

A company spokesman told Ars that the company does not comment on speculation about its suppliers or whether its engines are organic or not.

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