New York Jets unveil new look at the next generation of their uniforms with new helmet design

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New York (AP) New York City’s police force has unveiled its new uniform, with a new helmet that uses a high-performance helmet and reflective paint to create a more “natural” look for its officers.

The New York Police Department said Thursday the helmet features a lightweight, air-cushioned design that incorporates the department’s Air Force helmet and its “New York City” badge.

It will be worn on officers who are wearing the department uniform, and it will be distributed to other uniformed personnel through the department.

The helmet is a collaboration between the department and the Nike company, according to the department.

“There are some things about our city that are quite natural, and there are some natural things about the police, and we want to take advantage of that,” Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said in a news conference Thursday.

The uniform also features a redesigned logo on the chest.

Kelly said the uniform is being created for a variety of factors, including a variety, number of police officers, and the department trying to create an identity that is different from the current one.

He also said that the new design has not been developed to be a high performance helmet for every situation.

“It’s not designed to be for every person that walks in the street,” Kelly said.

“We want it to be something that is a bit more subtle.”

The uniform will also be worn by officers who do not have a uniform.

It was developed to create the uniform that will be used in the next wave of officers, he said.

The helmet is part of a wider effort to make the police department more distinctive and more distinctive than it is today, Kelly said, noting that it will also have a “new look.”

The helmet has been worn by many uniformed officers over the years.

The department did not say how many helmets will be produced, but Kelly said it will include a large number.

He said the new helmet will be made from lightweight, lightweight material that is water resistant, but it is not yet clear how much of it will have to be water-resilient.

He also said the material will be a mix of polycarbonate and polyethylene, a material used for many types of helmets.

The department said the helmet is available in sizes that can be worn in the open and closed positions, but that the department will also consider adding different options.

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