Engine oil additive makes oil dye, engines safer, and improves emissions

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Engine oil dye is one of a new type of additive that can help reduce engine emissions.

The new additive is being developed by the University of California, Berkeley, and the University in Oxford, England, researchers say.

Engine oil is an essential component of the combustion process, which can result in emissions of pollutants including benzene, methane, carbon monoxide, and sulfur dioxide.

Researchers say the new additive could help reduce emissions of those pollutants, and that the compound could also help improve fuel efficiency.

The chemical compound, a mixture of a chemical called a carotenoid and a carboxylic acid, can be used in various forms in vehicles, such as catalysts for engine oil and oil change systems.

The carotene-carboxyrene compound, known as “carbon dioxide emitter” or CO2-CE, has been found to increase combustion efficiency in several vehicles, according to the University at Albany, New York, and other researchers.

In addition, the compound is known to increase fuel economy.

The researchers, including lead researcher Zhaojing Guo, a graduate student at the University, tested the compound on a vehicle, the Volkswagen Jetta, as well as on the engine of a diesel-powered bus.

The vehicle and bus were driven in a variety of conditions, including highway speeds of 25 mph and 60 mph.

The scientists found that the additive significantly reduced the amount of emissions of volatile organic compounds and nitrous oxide, or NOx, by about 90 percent.

The NOx is a byproduct of the oxidation of petroleum-based fuels.

The test also showed that the carotenes added to the compound significantly improved engine performance.

“In addition to the NOx reductions, we also observed an increase in the efficiency of the vehicle,” said Guo.

“The engine performed significantly better and we saw a 20 percent improvement in fuel economy.”

In addition to improving the efficiency, the researchers found that carbon dioxide emission reductions were more than twice as great as the vehicle improvements.

The compounds were also able to improve engine performance by about 25 percent when compared with conventional gasoline.

“This is an excellent example of a compound that is safe for use in a vehicle that is powered by gasoline, but that can also be used to enhance performance by improving fuel economy,” said lead author Daniel J. Wirth, a professor of chemistry and engineering at UC Berkeley.

The research was published online June 6 in the journal Advanced Energy in Science and Engineering.

Guo added that the chemical compound has been used for decades in vehicles.

“Although the initial results showed significant reductions in emissions from a diesel engine, we have now shown that a car engine using carotens is a much safer alternative,” Guo said.

“Our compound could be used as a vehicle fuel additive to make vehicles safer, cleaner, and more fuel-efficient.”

A vehicle that has been tested has a total emissions of about 9.4 pounds per mile.

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