What’s the difference between oil and oil grade?

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Junk oil is not an oil, it’s a mixture of petroleum, gasoline and diesel that has been mixed with other additives to make it look like the real thing.

The term “junk oil” has been used for years to describe a lot of the dangerous chemicals used to make these blends, but in the past few years, there’s been a lot more discussion about the dangers of using it in the oil industry.

In short, it is an additive that can leach out of any oil, but it’s not the same as an actual oil, which is the real deal.

The real deal: pure oil that is NOT synthetic or chemically modified The oil industry doesn’t want to admit it’s used in any of their products, but there are some companies that are trying to fight back.

The latest example is Enbridge, which recently sued ExxonMobil over its use of its synthetic fuel. 

In an email to customers, Enbridge said that its synthetic fuels are “100% safe,” and that its refinery is working to eliminate all “hazardous additives.”

“Enbridge is proud of its refinery-cleaning, air quality and fuel efficiency programs,” the email read.

“Enbridges operations are well regulated and operated in compliance with all applicable state, federal and international laws.” 

But not everyone agrees that Enbridge’s use of synthetic fuels is bad.

Some environmental advocates believe that the use of synthetics contributes to the pollution of the environment, and that Enbridges refinery is the cause of more pollution than natural gas. 

“It is a very large percentage of all of the chemicals in the refining process, and I think we should have more than one refinery,” said Dan Ashe, who works for the Sierra Club.

“If we do the math, it means that you have the equivalent of three million tons of chemical pollution in the refinery.

That’s just plain unacceptable.” 

“I think it’s wrong,” said James Deen, who is an environmental attorney who has represented oil companies in the courts.

“I think Enbridge should be ashamed of it.” 

The chemical industry says it does not make any money from the oil that gets mixed in with the synthetic oil.

The refinery in question is not a huge part of Enbridge operations.

It’s located just off the coast of New Jersey, in Trenton, a city that’s been dubbed “the city that smells like the city of toxic waste.”

It’s a small refinery, but the amount of chemicals it processes is significant. 

A refinery worker walks through the refinery during a tour of the refinery site. 

The company says it has never knowingly used any of the synthetic oils it mixes with in its refinery.

But Enbridge says that’s not true. 

After an investigation by ProPublica, the refinery is being investigated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

According to the EPA, the EPA has found that Enbrades refinery is “considered to be in violation of the federal refinery pollution control act” and has violated several of the standards that govern the industry. 

It’s unclear what will happen next. 

Enbridge’s refinery has a small presence in New Jersey.

It operates just under 1,000 gallons of refinery crude oil per day, and about 10 percent of that is processed into the refinery’s gasoline, which goes into the gasoline market. 

An Enbridge spokesperson told The New York Times that Enfield has been cooperating with the EPA investigation and that the company is committed to complying with all federal, state and local requirements. 

(A spokesperson for Enbridge told The Times that the refinery does not “know of any other refinery that does not comply with the refinery pollution rules.”) 

In its lawsuit, Enfield also alleged that EnBridge’s refinery was a source of a “highly toxic cocktail of toxic chemicals” that could harm the environment and the health of workers.

The chemical company also argued that EnBRIDGE was not adequately monitoring its refinery, that it had not “conducted a comprehensive and ongoing evaluation” of its facilities and that it has “failed to provide adequate environmental and health oversight.”

Enbridge also claims that the chemical industry’s “false statements about the risks” of synthetic fuel are misleading and that “they were knowingly misleading to the public.” 

Some people are calling on the EPA to take action against Enbridge for misleading the public.

“The chemical companies are out there making false statements to the American public about what they’re doing,” said Mark Weisbrot, a senior attorney with the environmental group Oil Change International.

“They have to stop.” 

EnBridge’s case has not yet been heard by the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, which has been dealing with Enbridge over the years.

But the company has already filed an emergency motion to dismiss the lawsuit, which would likely mean that the court would hear the case from the outset. 

If the court decides to hear the emergency motion, the decision could be made later this month

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