Which engine oil brands are the best?

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Engine oil is a very important component in many of the cars and trucks that people buy.

And now there’s a new way to measure the quality of that oil.

It’s called the Oil Quality Index, or OQI, and it’s developed by a team of researchers at UC Berkeley.

OQIs have been used for years in the automotive industry.

They measure the oil in your vehicle and how well it performs under the most challenging conditions.

But they haven’t been used in an automotive context before.

Now, they’re finally making their way into the realm of automobiles.

The team is making OQAs for the Audi A4, a brand new vehicle launched last year.

Its OQs are based on the same oil that makes up the engine of the A4 that the researchers developed.

And the team says they’ve developed a method to measure these oils using a new, more accurate tool called the “EcoFlex.”

The EcoFlex is a 3D-printed tool that you put in your car’s engine bay and it scans your car for oil contaminants.

It measures how much oil is present and how clean your engine is, and then compares the oil to the EcoFlesch model, the standard oil used by the automotive industries.

The result?

It shows the quality in terms of how much more energy, torque and compression is being generated, compared to a standard oil.

The EFAX has been tested by the EPA and the European Commission.

It can also measure other pollutants, like particulate matter.

The team says the new OQICs will help the oil industry, especially oil companies, determine how to improve their oil and fuel products.

“We hope that this new tool will lead to an improved understanding of the oil and fuels that are used in the vehicles that people are driving,” said Andrew Lehner, an engineering professor at UC Santa Barbara and lead author of the research paper.

Lehner says he was inspired to create this tool after seeing a study of how people compare their car’s fuel economy against an oil they bought from the dealership.

“I found that the car that was being tested had a much lower fuel economy, and so it seemed to be the oil that had the highest carbon footprint,” he said.

“So I started to think about how we could measure the environmental impact of the product we were buying, and we could compare that to the carbon footprint of a new oil that we were not buying.”

The researchers say the tool is easy to use, and the results can be seen on a smartphone.

They’ve also been using it to monitor the emissions of diesel engines in the United States.

The data they collected from diesel engines at a factory in Iowa was used to measure carbon emissions.

The results showed that diesel engines emit the same amount of CO2 per horsepower as a gasoline engine.

The researchers hope to expand the tool to analyze the emissions from other engine types and compare it to the fuel efficiency of other vehicles.

The EcoFX is still in early testing and the team hasn’t yet determined the accuracy of its results, but they say they’re confident they’ll be able to provide a better picture of how fuel quality impacts vehicle emissions.

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