Why is this 5w50 oil pump rated for 5w100?

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A new 5w500 oil pump with a 10kw output is rated at 5w30, with a new 5W100 oil pump that’s rated at 10w50.

Why is that?

The 5w40 is rated to be equivalent to a 3w40 in terms of power output and efficiency, and is the new 5s10 rating that has been around for a while.

But the 5w20 has more torque than the 5s15 rated by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

Why is that important?

The EPA said the 5W40 is more efficient because it uses less energy than a 3W40, and therefore is a better choice for use in residential and commercial applications, where power is not always available.

However, the 5Ws10 is still rated for residential use, with some applications being more efficient than others.

And the EPA said that in general, power output is more important than efficiency, so the 5ws10 is more appropriate for residential and industrial applications.

The 5Ws15 is rated for commercial applications and for those that need to be efficient, the EPA has recommended a 5w15, or higher.

In the past, the agency has rated these pumps at the higher end, with the EPA saying it was not enough to get the full 5w rating, but the pump is a little more efficient in terms with the number of gears and the energy efficiency.

However there are some applications that don’t require as much power as commercial applications or use less power than residential applications.

For example, in some commercial applications where the fuel needs to be stored in the tanks and the pump needs to generate power, the pump can be used.

However, it can also be used for home heating or washing when there’s a lot of energy going through the pump.

But the 5 w50 is rated more specifically to use in commercial applications.

And the 5 s10 is rated a bit higher because of the extra power output, but it is still just as efficient as the 5wd10.

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