How to Clean Your Kawasaki Engine Oil

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If you’ve ever wondered what you should do to get the most out of your Kawasaki engine, now’s your chance.

The new Kawasaki XJ500, a four-cylinder, twin-turbo engine with a whopping 13.5-liter displacement, has been in production since 2013.

Kawasaki has been touting its XJ1000 engine as the future of fuel economy, and now it’s making the case for its Xj500 engine oil.

If you’re still in the dark, here’s what you need to know: Kawasaki is the first Japanese engine manufacturer to offer its engines in a full-size engine oil package.

The package is offered in both full-sized and subcompact models.

The full-featured XJ5000 engine oil is now available in two flavors, XJ50 and XJ60.

Both are available in three-quart, six-quart and 15-quart sizes, and come in a range of flavors: white, pink, red, purple and tan.

The XJ55, XC55 and XC60 engines also offer an 11-liter version.

The 15-liter XJ100 is available only in black and blue.

Each oil comes in a six-gallon size, which is about three-quarters of a liter.

Each one of these oils is available for $11.99.

The most expensive option is the XJ40, which comes in $20.99 and has a 15-gallen capacity.

The price for the XC40 is $20 for a six gallon oil.

The $20 XC30 oil is available in both white and black, and the price of the $30 XC50 is $30 for a 16-gallent oil.

(The XC70 oil comes with a 14-liter capacity.)

Both the XJR50 and the XSR-50 oil are available for less than $20, but there are differences between the different oils.

For example, the XS50 is lighter, but has more fuel capacity than the XR-50, which was designed for high-mileage motorcycles.

Both the engine oil and the motor oil are also available in a three-pack for $60.

Kaw’s XJ5 engine oil comes available in the two sizes of XJ30 and XJR20, and is available to order in four-pack, six pack and 15 pack sizes.

The three-packs have a capacity of 8,400 gallons, and have a weight of 1,200 pounds.

You can also order the full-fledged XJ90 engine oil in a single six-pack and the full four-packs in five-packs.

The oil has a weight capacity of 1.8 million pounds, and has an average of 11.8 miles per gallon.

The two-packs come in white and red, and are available to buy in five gallons, seven gallons, 15 gallons and 21 gallons.

Both packs are available from September 16 through October 1, but the oil is only available for the full XJ series.

The engine oil has been around since 2005, and comes in different grades and colors.

The standard engine oil will have a maximum of 8.5 miles per gal., while the higher grades will have an average mileage of 15 miles per gallons.

For a full review of Kawasaki’s engine oil offerings, read our in-depth article about the XJs engine oil: What You Need to Know About Kawasaki Oil.

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