How to save on fuel costs for new cars, SUVs and light trucks

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Fuel costs for your new vehicle, SUV or light truck are likely to be cheaper than those for a petrol or diesel car, according to a new study.

Key points:The fuel cost index is based on the cost of the average fuel blend available in the UK compared to other European countriesFuel prices have gone up for new vehicles, SUV and light truck models, the report by Delphi showsThe report estimates the average cost of a new petrol car will be £2,934, while the average for a diesel car will run £1,895.

However, for all the savings from fuel savings, it says the average price of a diesel vehicle is £2.50 higher than petrol.

The fuel index used to be used by Delphic to compare petrol prices across the UK.

The study, based on data from the UK’s Transport Research Laboratory, is the first to look at the fuel cost of diesel cars, which account for over half of all new cars in the country.

This is a major new development, as it allows the government to assess the impact of fuel-saving measures.

The report notes that since 2009, fuel prices have dropped in most parts of the UK, but this has not been the case for all of the country’s large cities.

While the cost to drive for a new vehicle is still lower than a petrol car, the difference between the two has increased significantly.

The cost to go from petrol to diesel in London is currently £2 a litre, but will increase by just £1 by 2030, while in the south-east the cost will rise by £3.

In the south, the cost for a similar new vehicle to a petrol vehicle is around £2 more than it was in 2010.

The biggest difference between a diesel and petrol car is in the price of diesel fuel, where a diesel fuel blend will run more than a regular petrol blend, the study found.

This means that an extra £2 to buy a diesel will result in a cost savings of around £1 a litne, compared to a fuel cost £2 higher.

However the study also found that the cost is lower for light trucks, as the average diesel price is less than a diesel.

The difference between an average light truck and a petrol-powered vehicle is only £0.10.

Delphi says the new fuel index is not the only way to estimate fuel costs, as they can be adjusted for inflation.

In its annual report, the company also said that it would be “unlikely to see any impact” on fuel prices, as fuel costs will be adjusted based on historical fuel prices.

“However, we believe that fuel price data, while useful, cannot be used to set a firm line for fuel prices in the future.

Instead, we will look at how fuel costs have changed in the years to come, with an eye to adjusting our fuel price forecasts to reflect future fuel prices,” it said.

It is not clear if Delphi has changed its fuel price estimates for new and hybrid vehicles, but the company did not comment on this when contacted by BBC News.

The research also found there is “a significant amount of variation” in the fuel prices for vehicles in the European Union, as some countries have different fuel mix rules than others.

For example, the average British diesel is £1.25 cheaper than the average European petrol, but not by much, the Delphi report found.

However it noted that the UK fuel economy standards, which aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by around 25% by 2025, are not affected by fuel prices changes.

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