BMW has redesigned its M3’s engine oil to be more environmentally friendly

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BMW has designed the engine oil for its new M3 sedan and coupe, which is set to become the first BMW vehicle to use the new, more-efficient, and more environmentally-friendly oil.

According to BMW, the engine oils used in the new M5, M6, M7, and M8 have been made from a renewable resource, which means they contain no harmful substances.

While the new oil will still contain the harmful chemicals in gasoline, the new design will be more compatible with the climate-friendly cars of the future.

The engine oil used in BMW M5 and M6 and M7.

(Photo: BMW) “We have to make a bold decision in the future to change the way we use the oil we have produced for BMW M cars,” BMW’s chief technology officer, Klaus-Dieter Hahn, told Automotive News.

The new oil, called ldf 4 engine oil (LFE), is made from renewable resources and is made to be environmentally friendly, according to BMW.

BMW says that the new ldf engine oil has the same performance and quality as the gasoline-powered M3, but it is made using a renewable source.

The ldf oil uses renewable resources, which include wind, water, and sun, and the company has also created a renewable energy certification program for its products.

It is estimated that the ldf-4 engine oils in the M5 are about 10 percent more efficient than the gasoline powered M3.

BMW M3 engine oil.

(Image: BMW / BMW)The new laf-4 oil will use a mixture of renewable energy, which includes solar and wind power, and it will be able to be stored in a sealed, heat-treated container.

BMW is making the new engine oil because it has developed a new type of renewable resource for its M cars, which uses renewable sources of energy like wind, sun, water and solar power.

The company has been working on a new renewable resource that could be used in its new models.

LDF 4 oil is a renewable oil with a specific composition, meaning it has no harmful chemicals, including benzene and toluene, the main ingredients in gasoline.

The type of ldf used in engine oil is known as laf, which indicates that it is derived from natural oils.

The LDF type of oil is used in gasoline- and diesel-powered cars, as well as in other models of automobiles, and is produced by a process called natural gas distillation.

Natural gas distillates are used to produce petroleum-based products such as diesel and gasoline.

While natural gas is used to create fuel in many industries, like cars, it is also a major source of greenhouse gases and is a contributor to global warming.

BMW’s new luf-4-derived engine oil contains less benzene than traditional laf.

It also has less toluenes and hydrocarbons than the laf oil used by the M3 and M5.

The brand claims that luf is cleaner and more efficient because it is 100 percent renewable, which allows for better environmental performance.

In the United States, luf oil can be found in gasoline and diesel engines.

But BMW says it has partnered with Shell Oil, which produces luf for the production of the M series cars, to produce luf in luf and luf blends, which are produced in separate stages.

“In addition to lufs, Shell Oil is also working on producing luf fuels for use in diesel and electric vehicles,” the company said in a statement.

Shell has also partnered with the German carmaker to produce a luf blend for the M6 sedan.

(Shell has partnered up with BMW to produce an luf fuel for use with the M 6.)

The luf, a form of oil that contains only toluens, is the most environmentally friendly type of petroleum-fueled oil available.

Shell says it uses natural gas for its luf production process and the luf blending process.

Shell’s luf blended for the new BMW M6.

(Source: Shell Oil) The laf4 oil is made of natural gas that has been refined and purified, which gives it a high purity of toluents.

The resulting oil contains only laf oils, which have a lower percentage of harmful substances, such as benzene, toluen, and hydrocarbon compounds.

Shell Oil says it will produce laf blends for the gasoline and electric M cars that it will also make the lf4 oil for the electric M3 that will also be used for the diesel and hybrid vehicles.

Shell said that it has a partnership with BMW, which will be making laf blended for all future M vehicles.

The process of producing laf for the l4-based engine oil will take between four to six months, Shell said. Shell oil

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