How Trump will avoid ‘the big oil mess’

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The president has not yet revealed his policy to avoid the oil mess that would befall the United States, which would include imposing a tax on carbon emissions.

However, one of his top advisers, retired Gen. James Cartwright, has signaled that the administration will pursue some kind of cap-and-trade system, or COVID-19-style, to try to curb emissions.

That could mean a more aggressive approach than President-elect Donald Trump has shown so far.

“We’re looking at some kind inefficiencies that would result from putting a cap on emissions,” said Cartwright in a New York Times interview on Thursday.

The Trump transition team has been pushing for a cap-on-trade plan in the past. “

But it’s also possible that the President-Elect is going to make a choice, which I’m not going to predict, but it’s something we’re considering.”

The Trump transition team has been pushing for a cap-on-trade plan in the past.

However the Trump transition also released a statement saying that the White House will “look at all options to mitigate the impacts of COVID and other environmental crises.”

“In the meantime, we are focused on ensuring that the United State remains a leader in combating climate change and developing clean energy solutions that are secure, cost-effective and adaptable to the changing climate,” the transition team said.

“President Trump has consistently said that he will lead on climate change as President, and that’s what he intends to do with a carbon tax.”

President-elect Trump is expected to take office in less than a month.

He has already said he will “make America great again” by withdrawing the United Kingdom from the Paris climate agreement, which is expected by his administration to cost the U.S. economy $2.5 trillion.

While the U,S.

has been working on its own plan to combat COVID, there are other countries who have not yet taken action on climate.

The European Union has not released its COVID mitigation plan, but European officials have made clear that they want to continue to invest in clean energy, which has a lower carbon footprint than fossil fuels.

In May, the European Union announced that it would invest $100 billion into renewable energy by 2020.

A few weeks later, the French president said the country would invest at least $100bn on renewable energy.

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