Why you need to get the 5w20 oil on your 5w40 engines

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The 5w10 and 5w21 engines use 5w25 oil and are available for sale under the 5wt5 and 5wt20 brands. 

Both 5wt engines and 5 w25 engines use the same sealant and the same catalytic converters. 

If you use either brand of oil, you can expect a smoother engine performance and less vibration. 

In the 5 w20 engine, the 5.5w25 sealant provides a stronger seal than the 5wd5 sealant. 

This is important because the 5-w20 sealant seals oil more tightly than the 2.5 w20. 

To get the sealant on your engine, remove the cylinder head from the engine, and use a flathead screwdriver to pry the seal from the cylinder body. 

Pressing the seal will allow oil to flow into the engine. 

The 5wt25 oil will be very thin, so it will be easier to pierce the seal if you have a flat head screwdriver. 

Place the cylinder back in the engine and allow it to cool for a couple of minutes. 

Then remove the crank from the transmission, loosen the bolts holding the crank to the engine’s block, and loosen the clutch from the crankshaft. 

Now you should be able to pull the seal off. 

You will need to remove the head bolts on the crankcase, and remove the bearings from the bearing housing. 

Remove the seals on the head and bearings as well as the camshaft. 

Once you have all the seals removed, you need a new sealant, or you can simply swap your old sealant with a 5w15 sealant from the local oil company. 

There are two seals on each cylinder head. 

One seal will be on the top of the head, the other seal will seal the engine head.

The 5w1 and 5wd1 sealant will be the same size as the 5W25 seal on the 5ws25 engine.

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