Why you should keep your car’s engine oil and transmission fluid for the best chance of surviving a fuel-fuelled crash

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If you’re worried about running out of fuel, here are a few things to think about before you head out to the supermarket to stock up on the latest petrol-and-electric hybrid technology.


How much petrol?

If you’re buying petrol, you can buy up to 20 liters of the oil at a time and then save it for use in your new car, according to the UK’s National Grid.


Do you need to store it in your car?

While most petrol pumps in the UK are fitted with gas-saving systems, you’ll need to keep petrol in your vehicle to avoid running out.


What about the fuel?

Depending on the type of petrol used, there are different kinds of petrol.

If you use it for heating, the gas will need to be stored at a temperature of 30C (86F) for at least 30 minutes.


Are there different types of petrol?

The fuel that’s used to power your petrol-powered vehicle will vary depending on the vehicle.

If it’s an electric vehicle, the fuel will usually come from an electric motor or battery.


Do I need to fill up?

If you do need to refuel, you may need to empty your tank before you leave your home or business to make sure your car doesn’t run out of petrol and run out.

If you need more fuel, check your local petrol station to make certain that the petrol you need is available.


Is there a limit to the amount of petrol I can buy at once?

If your car is petrol-free, you should only buy up a certain amount of fuel.

If that amount of gasoline is less than you can use in the next two hours, it may be best to leave it empty and wait for the petrol to run out before you go on holiday.


What’s the best way to store petrol?

If the petrol isn’t available, the best option is to buy it on the spot.

If there’s no petrol available, there’s a good chance you’ll end up with a full tank.


What if I’m out shopping?

If there’s not enough petrol to fill your car, you could find yourself with a depleted tank.

To get some extra fuel, go out and buy some ice cream.


Can I still buy petrol at the supermarket?

If petrol is not available, you’re still able to buy petrol in the supermarket, but there are some restrictions.

You won’t be able to purchase petrol in supermarkets if: your petrol is less then 20 litres (4 gallons) and less than 2.3kg (5 pounds) of petrol, orif you have a car with a maximum fuel capacity of 4.7 litres (12 gallons) or more.


Can you buy petrol online?

If not, you will be able buy petrol through your local retailer.

You can buy petrol from petrol stations that accept the Visa or MasterCard debit card, or you can pick up petrol online from petrol outlets that accept MasterCard.


How do I fill up an empty tank at the petrol station?

If a petrol station doesn’t accept a debit card you can fill up your empty tank by filling up at a petrol pump.

You can also fill up at petrol stations by dropping a bag of fuel off at a nearby petrol station.


How long does it take to fill a petrol tank at a pump?

When filling up a tank at an petrol station, you won’t need to leave the petrol at home or office.

You will need the following items: a pump with a valve and a nozzle that allows you to fill petrol in a container, and a small bottle of petrolYou will also need: a plastic bag or a plastic bucket with a nozzle and a pump that allows your petrol to be filled by pouring the contents out of the bagYou can fill the container by dropping the fuel into the bucket or container, then lifting the bag over your head and pouring the petrol into the container.

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