BMW X5 X6, Audi A4, Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class: Performance benchmark

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In its latest engine oil test, the Mercedes-AMG GT E Coupe and Audi A8 were among the top performers in our benchmark test, delivering around 3.9L and 3.4L engines respectively.

This is not a record for either car, but the X5 is the first of the new-generation BMW M series cars to deliver a 3.5L engine.

Its predecessor, the M5, was also able to produce such an impressive performance, so we were excited to see it do so with a 3-liter engine.

It’s a testament to the performance prowess of the engine that it manages to deliver this level of performance despite having a relatively small displacement of 5,300kg.

Its fuel consumption is the best we’ve seen in this segment, but this isn’t a surprise.

In addition to the engine, the X6 and A4 are powered by a turbocharged 4.0L inline four that makes up the bulk of the power, with a combined output of around 400bhp and 607lb-ft of torque.

Both engines are fitted with a seven-speed dual clutch transmission and a six-speed manual gearbox.

The X5 and X6 both employ a three-piece power distribution system, which is a unique feature for a BMW engine.

In contrast to other BMW engines, which are all powered by an electric motor, the BMW X6 uses a direct injection system.

Direct injection means the fluid in the injection system flows to the cylinders instead of being fed to the piston rings.

This increases the compression ratio and thus the compression output of the turbocharged engine.

The result is more power per unit area.

This means the engine will produce more torque, and consequently more power to weight, in the same area.

With direct injection, the engine is also able “feed” more air into the cylinders, increasing the pressure in them, which means more power is available to the turbocharger.

It is also important to note that in the Mercedes and A8, this is a two-stage process, with the first stage producing more power than the second stage.

The BMW X3 S uses a two stage, three stage direct injection process, and we were impressed by this.

The engine is still quite a bit less powerful than a regular four-cylinder engine, but it produces enough torque to get us back to 60km/h in around 5.2 seconds.

The Mercedes- AMG GTE Coupe is a bit slower than the X4 and X5, but its performance has been improving over time and the X7 is a lot quicker in the quarter mile.

The A8 does not get an upgrade to the A8 Plus, as it still relies on a direct-injection system.

In the test, we found the performance advantage of the Mercedes’ engine to be a bit stronger than that of the A6.

The Mercedes-M6 E, however, was the only car in our test to achieve more than 3.7L.

It features an aluminium block that uses a new design with a titanium intercooler and a carbon fibre cooling system.

The powertrain of the car comes from a turbochargers and a direct injectors, with two superchargers on board.

The M6 is a more conventional car, with all of the gear ratios and engine settings dialed down, but is also capable of delivering a respectable power output.

This should help it to hold its own against the BMWs.

In terms of torque, the powertrain produces just 3.6Nm of torque at 4,000rpm, which doesn’t quite get it there, but that doesn’t mean the M6 isn’t capable of doing a lot better.

The same engine can also produce around 4.5Nm, which makes it a strong performer, but not quite at the level of the BMW.

The M5 was a close runner-up in our performance test, but there are a few other surprises here as well.

In order to improve its fuel efficiency, the car uses a hybrid drivetrain, which provides power via electric motors and regenerative braking.

This system is not exactly new to the BMW line, but we were very surprised to see this included in the new generation.

We had initially hoped that the M7 would be a more modern engine with a hybrid system, but after the first test, it didn’t quite deliver the same level of power output as its predecessor.

It does however come with some other new technology, which we’ll talk more about later.

We also like the way the Mercedes uses the airbox, which allows the car to change from one fuel mixture to another.

In our tests, the A4 is the only one to use this system.

We didn’t get to drive it, so this was the first time we saw it in action.

This feature helps the car cope with higher engine speeds and the increased drag that comes with higher speeds.

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